Sensor specifications (in common)
Cable Kevlar reinforced 6.5 mm dia. std 50 m
Dimensions 42 dia. L307 (mm)
Material Titanium grade 2
Weight in air About 1 kg (less vane)
Weight in water About 0.65 kg (less vane)
Pressure - resistant 100 m equivalent

AEM213-D is a portable direct reading current meter composed of a 2-axis electromagnetic current sensor and a built-in compass. This unit is capable of measuring flow velocity and direction in rivers, waterways, lakes, swamps as well as in the ocean. It features depth and temperature sensors as a standard, which allows you to measure current velocity at desired depth. The display unit is equipped with a large-sized window to read measured values. The internal memory allows you to record data easily in the field. Recorded data can be transferred to your PC with Windows software. C cell alkaline batteries allow up to 10 hours deployment, or external DC or AC power can be applied for long-time continuous measurement. Recordable data capacity is 180,000 data approximately.

Display specifications
Parameter Current direction / velocity,
Depth & Temperature
Memory 2 MB Flash memory
(capable of 180,000 data)
Power source C battery x 4 (approx. 10 hrs)
Material Epoxy resin
Waterproof grade JIS 4 th. grade
Dimensions 240 x 100 x 95 (mm)
Weight 1.1 kg (including batteries)
Others Printer (optional)
Mounted sensors specifications
Parameter Method Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
Velocity Electromagnetic 0 to 250 cm/s 0.1 cm/s 1 cm/s or 2 %
Direction Hall Element Compass 0 to 359.9 0.1 2
Depth Semi-conductor Pressure
0 to 50 m 0.01 m 0.3 %FS
Temperature Thermistor -5 to 40 C 0.01 C 0.02 C