Compact & light-weight multi-parameter water quality meter

Depth Temperature Conductivit Salinity Turbidity Chlorophyll DO pH

Weight in water only 1.5kg
AAQ Series are compact & light-weight multi-parameter water quality meters
offering a high-accurate deployment & also suitable to vertical profilingmeasurement

new-appears in four units by the measurement place / method
PT unit / Handy unit / PDA unit / IF unit

<Sensor specifications>


Numbers of sensors depend on model
AAQ1180 (Temp., Depth., Salinity, Chlorophyll, Turbidity)
AAQ1182 (Temp., Depth., Salinity, Chlorophyll, Turbidity, DO)
AAQ1183 (Temp., Depth., Salinity, Chlorophyll, Turbidity, DO, pH)
Length of cable: 50m in standard and expandable up to 100m

PT unit corresponding to display/graph/printing/memory

<Main functions>

Data display Data printing
Depth trigger type vertical memory system
(Only by lowering down underwater sensor into sea,
water quality data at vertical profiling are acquired
automatically at measuring pitch of 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 & 1m)
Drawing of vertical profiling figure
(Auto-drawing in vertical profile after memory is ended)
Possible to make a spot measurement
(Measurement at any depth)
Check of memory data
(re-display, re-printing & re-drawing)
Transfer of memory data
(Serial output)

Storage of position data through GPS function
Simple setup with touch-pen
Legible color screen makes deployment possible even at night
Experimental operation onboard can be done only via external switch control
Detachable flash memory results high-speed data recording

Smart Handy unit with basic function

<Main functions>

Data display
Time trigger type memory measurement
(Interval 0.25, 0.5 or 5 seconds)
Re-display of memory data
Built-in calendar function
Transfer of memory data
(Serial port)

Simple & easy button operation
Alkaline battery cells offer 12-hour operation
Printing by means of exclusive printer(Option)

Easy handling PDA unit
The basic performance of PDA remains as it is.

<Main functions>
Data display
Time trigger type memory measurement
(Data are acquired at minimum interval of 0.2 seconds)
Drawing of time series figure
Check of memory data
(re-display, re-drawing, re-printing)

Easy & pen-input operation
Dust/water proof case as standard supply
Interface operative from battery cells
( Model BT-1)
Wireless communication due to bluetooth application
Wide application
( as option expansion pack is required)
additional memory & battery
Acquisition of GPS signal

IF unit for direct connection with PC

<Main functions>
Data display
Time trigger type memory measurement
(Data are acquired at minimum interval of 0.5 seconds)
Monitor drawing in real-time time series figure
Text-izing of stored data


Battery operation for interface unit
Easy connection with other system

If bluetooth card is provided in personal computer,
PDA type interface with bluetooth function can also be used as well.

<Sensor Specifications>

Depth Semiconductor
Pressure Transducer
0100m 0.002m 0.3%FS 0.2 sec.
Temperature Thermistor -540 0.001 0.02 0.2 sec.
Conductivity Inductive Cell 060mS/cm 0.001mS/cm 0.02mS/cm 0.2 sec.
Salinity UNESCO formula 040 0.001 0.03
Turbidity Back-scattering
0.02FTU 2%FS
or 0.3FTU
0.2 sec.
Chlorophyll Fluorescent
Scattering Light
0.01 g/l 1% 0.2 sec.
DO Galvanic Electrode 020mg/l
( 1%)
3.5 sec.
pH Glass Electrode 014pH 0.01pH 0.2 10 sec.


<Hardware Specifications>