• Compact, light and large storage capacity
  • High resolution
  • Non-volatile flash memory
  • Built-in calendar, time function
  • No need of interface
  • Programmable calibration coefficients
  • No corrosion with titanium
  • Easy-to-use windows program


This is a small size & light weight CTD instrument. Like all other instruments of the COMPACT series, it features a large data memory capacity, holding approximately 180,000 data sets consisting of temperature, conductivity, depth, battery voltage and date/time information. All data are stored in non-volatile memory, which also holds calendar information and calibration coefficients.

The instrument interfaces with a PC or laptop via an RS232 connector located inside the instrument. All operating modes are easily set up via a Windows software application, which offers clear and logical screens. The instrument can be programmed with a variety of sampling patters, such as a continuous or burst sampling and the start time of the data recording. The software displays time-pitched or depth-pitched profiles, and coverts raw data to text of CSV files.

The COMPACT-CTD Lite is suitable for every hydrologic environment, including ocean, river, lake and marshes.

Memory Capacity 179178 data
Deployment Mode Continuous and burst mode
Interval 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 seconds
Burst Interval 1 to 1440 minutes
Sampling number 1,10,15,20,30,60,120,180,240,300,600, 1200
Dimensions Diameter 42 mm x length 300 mm
Weight About 1 kg in air, about 0.8 kg in water
Power Lithium battery (CRV3x2) 6Ah
Material Titanium
Pressure resistance 1000 m depth equivalent