Rinko-I is an autonomously deployable DO data logger for stand-alone applications, providing high temporal and spatial resolution of oxygen concentration. With its small dimensions and light weight Rinko-I can be easily deployed and integrated with a variety of existing instrument systems, such as ROVs, CTD, ARGO Floats and gliders. The pressure housing is suitable for deployment to full ocean depth. Rinko-I features a 1GB mini-SD card and a USB port for rapid data download.

The Rinko family sensors are fast-response, high-accuracy and high-resolution dissolved oxygen sensor, based on an optical measurement principle. Rinko sensors have a response time of < 1-second (90%-response), about 10 times faster than any other DO sensor available. Rinko also have excellent signal resolution and accuracy.

Unlike traditional electrode-type DO sensing methods, such as galvanic or Clark cell sensors, the fluorescence lifetime method employed by Rinko does not deplete oxygen at the sensing membrane, thus avoiding the necessity of continuous stirring in front of the sensor. In addition, the Rinko sensing foil is robust and does not require frequent replacement.